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     I. Rationale

One of the highest honors that PSERE Members can ever receive is one that is accorded to them by their peers in their profession. The Philippine Society for Educational Research and Evaluation has organized an accrediting body named as the Philippine Academy of Fellows in Educational Research and Evaluation (PAFERE).


    II. Criteria

If one meets the competency standards required, the honor is granted.


  1. The minimum requirement for accreditation is an earned doctoral degree and active PSERE member for the last five (5) years.


  1. Levels of Accreditation


2.1 Professional in Educational Research (PER). This is the entry level for all members of the Academy. They must have been actively involved in research as  evidenced by three (3) researches presented in a national conference and published in a journal of a reputable professional organization).


2.2 Senior Professional in Educational Research (SPER). Those who have held responsible positions in research for at least three (3) years and have published at least four (4) researchers in locally refereed journals.


2.3 Associate Fellow in Research (AFR). Those who have held the position of Vice-President for Research (or its equivalent), have presented at least two (2) international researches and have published at least a research paper in an internationally referred journal.


2.4 Research Fellow (RF). Must have satisfied the first three (3) requirements: those who have served as Vice-Presidents, Deans, Researchers or Research Referees and are actively involved in international research, publication, and presentation.


Elevation to a higher rank requires attendance to PAFERE development programs and the PSERE National Annual Conventions.


    III. Membership Procedure

There are two ways on how one can be a PAFERE member. The first is through nomination by a PAFERE fellow and the second is by application of an interested party.


In both methods, the endorsement of the University President is necessary.


Application for membership must be submitted to the office of the PSERE President who in turn will endorse this to the Chair of the PAFERE Accreditation body. Application is accepted from December to February every year. Application and confirmation of the title is done during the PSERE Annual conference held every May.


    IV. Benefits

As a Research Professional and Research Fellow, one will be entitled to ten percent (10%) to twenty (20%) discount in PAFERE and PSERE activities. The rate of discount goes higher as one progress in accreditation level.



Development Programs

Regional/ National Conferences

Minimum Honorarium (Hourly Rate) as Seminar Lecture-Workshops


















I.Accreditation Body

The PAFERE Accreditation body (PAB) is composed of five (5) members, i.e. three (3) PSERE Board Member, a PSERE Past President and an external accreditor. The PAB submits their recommendation for approval by the PSERE Board.